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HP - Replacement Laptop AC Adapters

Our AC Adapters have been specifically designed as top quality replacements for HP laptops, netbooks, and tablets. We have the right replacement adapters for nearly all HP models available for fast shipment. All of our AC Adapters are UL Safety Certified to ensure years of safe reliable operation.

Please select your series/model from the list below to drill down the the correct AC Adapter for your specific HP model.

Does my HP Laptop Need a New AC Adapter?

HP AC Adapters are are commonly referred to as chargers, bricks, adapters, power supplies, power adapters, and power modules. No matter what name that you use, the AC adapter's job is to convert high voltage AC power from a wall outlet into a single low voltage DC source from which your computer can draw power.

It is a common mis-conception that an AC Adapter is a battery charger. This idea comes from some of the first generation portable computers from the early 1990's. This first generation circuitry was too big to fit into the computer, so some was placed in the adapter. This circuitry was quickly down-sized and by 1995 all laptops had the charger built into the computer.

All modern HP laptops have all of the battery monitoring and charging circuitry built into the computer and battery.

Many HP laptop owners with non-functional batteries look to replace the AC adapter because they believe that the "charger" is broken and it is usually a less expensive than a battery. While it is possible for an AC adapter to fail to produce enough power for charging, it is a very rare type of failure. If your computer is able to run using external power then chances are that the adapter is working properly. In our experience, non-charging batteries are 95% battery problems, 4% computer problems, and 1% adapter problems.

The most common reasons to buy a new AC Adapter are loss, damage to the wire/plug, no power at all, and to have a spare for the office or other location.

What is UL certified and why is it important?

UL is an independent testing company that develops standards for design and performance to ensure that electrical products do not pose a risk of fire or electric shock. These standards specify things like how thick the wires and insulation must be so that they don't break and short to cause a fire. UL certified means that the product had to be tested by an independent lab to ensure that it meets the high quality and safety standards.

All of our HP AC Adapter are UL, FCC, and ROHS certified to ensure that they use quality components and designs to provide years of safe, reliable service while limiting the environmental impacts caused by electromagnetic radiation and hazardous substances.

The AC adapter market is currently flooded with ultra-low cost and counterfeit original adapters. These adapters are often selling for 10% of the cost of the manufacturer's adapter. These low prices are not because the laptop manufactures are marking up products to 10 times their cost, it is because the ultra-low cost manufacturers have left out "unnecessary" components that protect the laptop and user safety. These low-cost adapters are not able to pass the strict UL certifications. The cost to manufacture an adapter with the right components to gain UL certification is typically 50%-100% more than making an adapter that just works. There are also many sources fraudulently applying UL markings and counterfeiting original manufacturer labels.