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Netlux NX-8080 Series Laptop Auto Car Adapter

Netlux NX-8080 Series Laptop Auto Car Adapter

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This new laptop DC Car Power Adapter provides many advantages

  • Work from a car, truck, boat, or airplane
  • Recharge your battery on the road between meetings
  • Unlimited run time to watch movies during long trips and family vacations

It is what is on the inside that counts. From the outside all power adapters look the same, an adapter's performance, reliability, and safety are all greatly dependant upon the quality of the design, materials, and workmanship that are inside of the plastic box. Our adapters are built by top factories using top quality materials.

Multiple protections make a safe adapter. Our adapters include multiple protections to prevent unsafe conditions like short-circuits, over heating, and overloads. These protections allow our adapters to carry international safety certifications to ensure that the product will provide safe reliable power for your computer.

We go to great lengths to validate and confirm the compatibility of all of our products. We take the time to review each and every order to ensure that the item ordered works properly with the customer's model.

Our guaranteed Car DC Power Adapters are build using only top quality materials to be 100% compatible and meet or exceed the original manufacturer's requirements.

We deal with only the top factories that use the latest materials and manufacturing techniques. Quality and performance are the top priorities at every step of the process from design and manufacturing all of the way to delivery to your door.

The chain of quality continues through our warehouse with sample testing and materials inspections that are done on every shipment. Our facilities are specifically designed to meet the special requirements of maintaining and processing laptop batteries.

We have been servicing the unique needs of portable computer uses for more than 20 years. This is our entire business, so we live and breath nothing else. This longevity gives us the unique knowledge and experience to provide the highest level of service along with only the best items available.

Keep your Laptop portable when you are on the road with an Automobile Power Adapter. This adapter coverts the 12V DC supplied by cars, boats, and other vehicles into the proper voltage and power for your Notebook.

Input:11-15V DC
Output:19V DC, up to 60W max
Connector:Barrel, Center +

Input Ratings: What the adapter takes from the power source. These ratings are not important to determine compatibility with a laptop. Adapters accept a range of voltages to accommodate various power sources like overseas power outlets for AC adapter or airline seat outlets for DC adapters.

Output Voltage: The voltage sent to the computer. This needs to be within 1V of your existing adapter's rating.

Output Amps/Watts: The maximum output of the adapter. This number must the same as higher than your existing adapter's rating. Higher values are perfectly fine -- the extra just will not be used.

Compatible Part Numbers: If your part number is not on this list; don't worry. Laptop manufacturers issue dozens of different part numbers for the same item for their own inventory control reasons like tracking sales channels and suppliers. It is often impossible to find every number. Matching based upon the laptop brand, series, and model is usually more reliable than matching part numbers.

What Is The Difference Between A Car Adapter and an Airline Adapter?

The term "airline" adapter describes a power adapter that is compatible with 4-pin Empower type power outlets. Empower is the brand name of the system that was installed in the airline seats. This system supplies 15V DC and up to 75W maximum per outlet. For an adapter to be called "airline" it must have the 4-pin connector, be able to accept 15V input, and cannot be rated higher than 75W. Car adapters that meet these electrical requirements can be made "airline" adapters by including an adapter that converts from a standard lighter outlet to the 4-pin connector.

Many airlines have begun to install customized versions of the Empower system that use standard car lighter sockets instead of the 4-pin sockets. These systems allow you to use most standard car adapters. The one limitition that remains is the 75W maximum power per outlet.

Empower and even most of the customized systems have the 75W maximum limit. If this limit is exceeded the outlet will trip a breaker and shut off. The airline seat system impose this limitation to ensure that the generators on the plane can make enough power for all of the seats and for safety reasons. Higher power outlets pose a greater fire risk. Due to this limitation laptops that need more than 75W cannot be powered using airline seat outlets.

The type, specifications, and availability of power outlets can vary greatly between airlines, aircraft type, and seat locations. You should check with your airline to determine the availability and requirements of the power outlets available on your specific flight.

Car Adapter Usage Tips

  • Do not start the car with the adapter connected. Starting the car drops the battery voltage very low which causes a spike in current (amps) to try to make up the difference. It is common for this rush of extra current to blow fuses.
  • Make sure that the adapter has proper cooling. The adapter should not be in direct sunlight and it should be placed in a spot that has open air flow around the unit. Do no bury the adapter inside of a console, below the seat, etc. Car adapters have thermal protection that will shutdown the adapter if it overheats. The adatper will begin to work again after cooling.
  • Use while the engine is running whenever possible. In addition to preventing battery drain, running the engine increases the voltage which allows the adapter to work more efficiently

Why Does The Adapter Blow The Fuse?

A fuse blows whenever the power demand is more than what is available. The total amount of power is determined by both the Voltage and the Current (amps). Most car lighter outlets are rated at 10A. The voltage varies based upon the amount of charge in the battery and also if the car is running. When the car is not running the voltage can be as low as 10V and when the car is running the voltage can go up to 15V. This translates into a maximum power of 120W to 150W for most vehicles.

The average laptop requires below 90W. These laptops are well within the limits and usually will not have any issues unless you are connecting multiple devices to the same circuit. One note is that some vehicles have the lighter outlet on the same circuit as other equipment in the car. In these cases, the total of the laptop and the other equipment has to be within the limits. The vehicle's owners manual will typically list the items on each fuse. This should show if there is any other equipment that shares the same fuse with the lighter outlet.

The power limitations are often a problem with very large desktop replacement laptops. These laptops can require up to 240W. This very large power demand requires a special circuit or a direct connection to the battery in order to supply enough power.

There is a fuse in the adapter plug itself. The fuse can be accessed by unscrewing the center tip of the lighter plug.

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