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Asus K50I, K50ID-X1, K50ID-X3, K50I-RBBGR05, K501, K501D Replacement Laptop Battery

Asus K50I, K50ID-X1, K50ID-X3, K50I-RBBGR05, K501, K501D Replacement Laptop Battery
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This new laptop battery provides many advantages

  • Restore your computer's power system to its original performance
  • Get more work done with the maximum battery run time.
  • Eliminate possible risks caused by using a defective or worn out battery.
  • New batteries are build using current materials, methods, and manufacturing techniques.

Cells are the heart of the battery. Sourcing from only the top suppliers and carefully matching cells provides the most reliable, best performing, and safest batteries available.

A new battery gives your laptop new life. A battery begins to wear out as soon as it is made and will eventually wear out even if rarely used. A fresh, new battery, will provide the maximum battery performance. Newer replacement batteries are often built with updated components that will outperform the the original battery.

Every battery comes with multiple and redundant safety protections. Laptop batteries store a very large amount of energy that can pose a hazard without the proper protections. All of our batteries include multiple levels of protections to prevent dangerous conditions like overheating, overcharging, and short-circuits.

Our guaranteed replacement batteries are build using only top quality materials to be 100% compatible and meet or exceed the original manufacturer's requirements.

We deal with only the top factories that use the latest materials and manufacturing techniques. Quality and performance are the top priorities at every step of the process from design and manufacturing all of the way to delivery to your door.

The chain of quality continues through our warehouse with sample testing and materials inspections that are done on every shipment. Our facilities are specifically designed to meet the special requirements of maintaining and processing laptop batteries.

We have been servicing the unique needs of portable computer uses for more than 20 years. This is our entire business, so we live and breath nothing else. This longevity gives us the unique knowledge and experience to provide the highest level of service along with only the best items available.

Voltage:10.8V / 11.1V
Capacity:4400 mAh; 6 Cell
Part Number Compatibility:Asus A32-F52, A32-F82, L0690L6, L0A2016, 70-NW91B1000Z, 07G016AQ1875, 70-NV41B1100Z, 07G016761875, 90-NVD1B1000Y
Model Compatibility:Asus F52, F82, F83 Series
Asus K40, K50, K61, K70 Series
Asus P50, P81 Series
Asus X5D, X8D Series

Cells: Laptop batteries are built using groups of small batteries called cells. The number of cells determines the battery's capacity, size, and weight. The cell is a quick way to compare the relative size of two batteries. (a 12-cell battery is roughly twice the capacity/size/weight of a 6-cell)

Voltage: The voltage of the battery pack. This does not have to match exactly. All laptops use a smart battery system that will automatically adapt to fit the battery ratings. The cell count determines the voltage and different size batteries will often have a different voltage.

mAh (milliampre-hours): This is the capacity rating to say how much that the battery will hold. This is combined with the voltage to determine the overall capacity. The rating is useful to compare two batteries with the same voltage.

Wh (watt-hours): Combines the voltage and mAh ratings into an overall capacity rating. This rating is the most accurate to compare two batteries and allows you to compare batteries with different voltages.

Compatible Part Numbers: If your part number is not on this list; don't worry. Laptop manufacturers issue dozens of different part numbers for the same item for their own inventory control reasons like tracking sales channels and suppliers. It is often impossible to find every number. Matching based upon the laptop brand, series, and model is usually more reliable than matching part numbers.

Do You Need A New Battery?

If the battery does not charge, power the computer, or operate at all then the battery is the most likely cause. Faults in the charging circuitry are possible, but not common. Almost all charge/discharge issues are caused by the battery.

Laptops do not need a battery to operate. All laptops will run fine from the AC power adapter with the battery removed. If you suspect that your battery may be causing a problem other than a battery charging/discharging issue, remove the battery and try the computer with the battery removed. If the problem persists without a battery installed then replacing the battery will not solve the issue.

If your rundown is not as expected, if the battery cuts out before it reaches 0%, or the battery does not charge to 100% then calibration may help. These symptoms can be caused by an inaccurate battery meter. The battery meter function is run by a chip located inside of the battery. This chip records data at every full charge and full discharge to automatically calibrate the battery meter. Running through a few full charge-discharge cycles will allow the battery to adjust the battery meter to match the current condition of the battery. If the battery performance is still poor after cycling then the battery will likely need to be replaced.

Getting The Most Out Of A Battery

Batteries are consumable parts that will all eventually wear out an die. Their useful lifespan can vary greatly. The greatest impact on the battery's useful life is how it is taken care of.

A laptop battery is designed to be used on a regular basis; using the battery here and there for partial discharges, with occasional full discharges. This type of usage pattern will give you the most useful life and will automatically take care of all of the maintenance steps that are typically recommended.

Most people falsely believe that they can preserve their battery by not using it. These people plug into AC power all of the time and use their laptop like a desktop computer. In most cases, they find that their battery is not working when they try to use it for a trip after using as a desktop for many months or years. They are typically upset and often blame the battery because they only used it a couple of times.

Even the highest quality batteries can fall victim to this type of usage pattern. The chemicals inside of a battery begin to break down the moment that a battery is made. The two main factors that speed up this process are heat and charge level. Keeping the battery charged to 100% and in a hot environment can kill a battery in as little as a few months. Using a laptop all day long, every day, connected to AC power will create the 100% charge + hot environment that will degrade the battery quickly.

If you will use the computer from AC power most of the time, it is best to charge your battery to 50%, remove it from the computer, and store in a cool location.

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